Where To Begin?

Time has a way of getting away from me. I cannot believe that so much time has passed since my last blog entry. And now I have so much to report that one entry simply won’t do. If I report everything that has happened since my last entry in just one post, you will quickly become bored with reading me yammering on about hockey, knitting, birthdays, etc., etc., etc. So I shall break it down into smaller parts in order to keep your interest, dear reader of mine.

In answer to the title question, I think I will begin with my nemesis, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Adult Surprise Jacket, or ASJ for short. The ASJ is back in time-out. It has been behaving very badly and doesn’t deserve my attention. I have tried to seam up the sleeves and shoulders using umpteen different methods, and everything I have tried comes out looking like hell. I hate this project more than any other knitting project I have ever done. I’d rather knit a 4ft x 7ft afghan with Red Heart yarn than make an ASJ with pure cashmere. As much as I love EZ, I have to say that this design is a big stinker.

Warning! Hockey Metaphor Ahead!

I consider the Adult Surpise Jacket to be the Alexander Ovechkin of knitting.

Ugly and obnoxious, it plays dirty. People talk like it’s the greatest player in the world of knitting projects, but when you shine the light of day on it, not only are you dumbstruck by how ugly it is, you realize that it is little more than an attention whore disguised as a knitting project.

I haven’t packed the ASJ away, yet, but I think I will do so soon because just looking at it lying on top of my knitting pile makes me queasy, kind of like seeing Alexander Ovechkin’s ugly mug.

End of hockey metaphor.

Sorry about that.☺

I bet you are asking yourself, Well, if Pinko Knitter isn’t working on her ASJ any more, just how is she spending her knitting time? I’m so glad you asked. I’ve worked some on my reworked Froot Loop Socks. Sock #1 is close to completion.

This is a fun pattern to work on, but it doesn’t go well with watching hockey on TV. Hockey takes a lot of concentration, so my hockey knitting must be totally mindless.

Mindless Knitting Project 1

Mindless Knitting Project 2

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I made two, count ’em, two hats in “Blaze Orange,” also known as hunter safety orange. I supposed it isn’t surprising that one can purchase hand knitting wool yarn in such a bright orange. After all, hunters need to keep their heads warm just like everyone else. My older sister hunts deer and she subtly hinted that she would like a hat in orange. I Googled to find a source for blaze orange yarn and, violá! Bartlett Yarns in Harmony, Maine, offers a nice worsted-weight, woolen-spun, 2-ply wool in “bright orange.” Bright orange? That’s something of an understatement. I swear this yarn glows in the dark☺.

The Bartlett yarn is similar to Briggs and Little Regal, with lots of VM (vegetable matter, that is, vegetation that got caught in the sheep’s wool as it was out grazing and doing whatever it is that sheep do) that I picked out as I knit. I don’t mind VM in yarn because it is an indication that the wool has not be over-processed. The yarn from Bartlett is pretty scratchy before it is washed, but it softens a lot after washing. It also blooms a lot when washed. The beanie I knitted on 3.5mm needles looks almost felted since it was washed. I’m glad I used 4.0mm needles for the ribbed hat.

Preview of upcoming features: another hat, another sweater, more hockey, and a very special birthday. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss a single episode.

10 thoughts on “Where To Begin?

  1. Man he’s ugly! 😀 I don’t know that I could ever do enough garter stitch to complete an ASJ…. Doesn’t help that I don’t care for the look of plain garter stitch either.

    I do like the Froot Loop Socks. Nice pattern too. And those hats sure are orange! Wow…

  2. HI! I also Googled to find a source for Blaze Orange yarn, as a customer has asked for a woven sash in this color. Did you find the Bartlett yarn stretchy or not? For weaving it should not have much, if any, elasticity and I was wondering about this one. I’d be grateful for your feedback. ~Annie

    • I don’t really know how to determine whether a yarn is stretchy or not. I took a 6-inch piece of yarn and pulled it, and when stretched, the length increased by a quarter of an inch. The yarn is a loosely-twisted 2-ply. HTH

      • Great! Thanks for your assessment! That yarn has amazing color and I hope that my customer decides to go for it as it will be a fun project. Your hats are beautifully knitted and your sister must be happy with the results. And anyone who can knit socks is amazing to me! ~Annie

      • Thanks, Annie. I love knitting socks, and my sister loves her blaze orange hats. BTW, the Bartlett’s yarn should be suitable for weaving because it says on their website that they spin their yarn for weaving as well a knitting. Their yarn is mule-spun so it doesn’t have a lot of twist in it. The yarn feels a little harsh until it’s washed; then it softens very nicely and blooms nicely, too.

  3. Nice to see something actually knit up in the hunter orange. I had a request from a hunting friend for a pair of fingerless mitts done in (you guessed it!) hunter orange.


    • For some reason, I never got around to knitting the fingerless mitts. I really should dig the rest of the orange yarn out of my stash and see whether there’s enough for a pair of mitts.

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