Playoffs Update

Just a quick post to update yinz on the playoffs, both games and knitting.

Lacy Rib Scarf is complete (pictures later), and Dropped Stitch Scarf is nearly half-finished. Apparently my knitting with fuzzy pink yarn is just what the Pittsburgh Penguins needed because they beat the F%^ers 3-2 last night in the Burgh to extend the series another game. It was a hard-fought and well-played game that hinged on the net minding of Marc-Andre Fluery, the Pens stellar goaltender, who really stood on his head last night. After three poor performances in the first three games of the series, MAF appears to have gotten his game back. The series returns to Philly tomorrow, and the Pens once again face elimination. I hope they bring their A game with them.

The fuzzy pink yarn didn’t work so well for the Detroit Red Wings, who were eliminated last night by the Nashville Predators. It’s the first time the Wings have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in a month of Sundays, but if there is one certainty in life, besides the fact that everything alive will die someday (thank you, George Hrab, for that wonderful line), it is that the Detroit Red Wings will make the playoffs again next year.

Now it’s time for me to leave my computer, plop down in my knitting chair in front of the big screen HDTV, and watch hockey and knit.

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