FOs, UFOs, And WIP

We knitters have our own alphabet soup, a collection of acronyms to describe the state and stages of our knitting projects. FOs, Finished Objects, elicit the happy dance. UFOs, UnFinished Objects, make us feel guilty. WIP, Work(s) In Progress, keep our hands busy.

You, dear reader, may ask, Pinko Knitter, what is the difference between a WIP and a UFO?

Good question. A WIP is a UFO that is being actively worked upon. A WIP becomes a UFO when it sits idle, untouched, maybe even forgotten, for a fairly long period of time. The length of time varies from knitter to knitter and is totally arbitrary. My standard is 30 days. If I haven’t worked a single stitch on a WIP in the past 30 days, it magically morphs into a UFO.

Most UFOs don’t bother me much. There are usually good reasons why WIP become UFOs. But UFOs can mess with my head, especially when they are sitting by my knitting chair looking at me plaintively, crying, Knit me! Knit me! Don’t you love me anymore?

I have to remind them that I had good reasons for putting them on hold, admonish them to be patient, tell them that their time will come, that nagging me or trying to lay a guilt trip on me not only won’t work, it will have the opposite affect. Nag me and you will just have to wait longer. Try to make me feel guilty and I will put you in the closet, out of sight, out of mind.  I am the boss of my knitting, as EZ would say, and I will take up each project again when I decide the time is right. A knitter has to be firm. Projects need to know that the knitter is in charge.

I have UFOs that are well over a year old. Come to think of it, I have one UFO, a lace tablecloth, that is at least 5 years old. I set it aside because the circular needle I was using had a join between the tip and the cable that made it difficult to slide the stitches along. I had to find a needle with a smoother join that was the proper size and had nice, pointy tips, and by the time I had procured the appropriate needle, I had lost interest in working on lace knitted in #60 cotton. This UFO currently resides in the depths of my yarn closet and may remain there for an eternity.

Another UFO, a pair of socks, has to be at least 3 years old. I’m not even certain of the whereabouts of this project. I think it is at the very bottom of my knitting basket, but I would have to dig through it to be sure. I don’t remember why I set this project aside. I like the yarn, I like the pattern. I’ll finish the socks someday. But not for a while. These socks are brown, and I am currently working on a pair of socks in brown. By the time I finish my current socks, I’ll be sick to death of brown yarn, so this project is destined to retain its UFO status for a little longer.

3 thoughts on “FOs, UFOs, And WIP

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  2. Q – I just finished a UFO of my mother-in-law, from the 1970’s. 😎 I have a UFO from 1966! Still have the yarn. It’s that acrylic mohair stuff. Yuck! Can’t bear to get rid of it though. 😎

  3. OMG, you should finish it and post pictures EVERYWHERE!

    My very first sweater was knitted from that fake mohair stuff that I bought at the five and ten. I was in 7th grade, so it was still 1962. My friend Susan and I bought the same kind of yarn, but different shades of blue. We knitted cardigans using the same pattern, and we wore them to school on the same day. Oh, we were sooooo cool in our nearly identical, fuzzy blue fake mohair cardigans. LOL

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