No More Tears?

After bitching to high heaven last week about how boring scarves are to knit, and how bored I was with the Blue Teardrops Scarf, the knitting deities restored my beaded lace scarf mojo, and I have been knitting away most happily on Blue Teardrops while watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. I have made so much progress on the scarf that I have only one repeat left to do before doing the happy dance.

Blue Teardrops Scarf

Blue Teardrops Scarf nearing completion


I have to add that  I did the happy dance when the New Jersey Devils, having opened a big can of whoop-ass following their loss to the F%^ers in the first game of round 2, won 4 straight games to knock the detestable and detested F%^ers out of the hunt for The Cup. Oh, and they did it in Philly, which was the icing on the cake. Bye-bye, F%^ers! Don’t let the door knob…


2 thoughts on “No More Tears?

  1. Thanks. The beauty of this pattern is what kept me going through the boredom.

    Football was the family sport, or maybe I should say, watching football was the family sport, and I still love football. Hockey is a rather recent obsession, or maybe I should say renewed obsession because I was a big hockey fan when I was in high school back in the dark ages. No one in my family even ice skates. LOL But I sort of rediscovered how much I love hockey a few years ago, and my obsession grew rapidly.

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