Let’s Open A Package!

It’s time to open the package I received from Knit Picks last Friday. Will you help me? Oooooh! Look at this!

Package from Knit Picks has been opened!

Let’s remove the packing material.

Let’s take out the Wool of the Andes fiber–100 grams each in Sapphire Heather, Aurora Heather, and Natural.

Knit Picks niddy noddy and Turkish spindle

Now let’s take out the niddy noddy and spindle.

A book about spinning on a spindle

Thank you, dear reader, for helping me open and unpack my package.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Open A Package!

    • It’s the only niddy noddy I have ever used, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I am quite pleased with it. It isn’t very pretty, but it is definitely functional.

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