Why I Love My Letter Carrier

I love my letter carrier because she brings me goodies. Look what I found in my mailbox on Monday.

My new spindle

It’s a Jenkin’s Lark Turkish spindle, handcrafted by Ed Jenkins out in Oregon. Mr. Jenkins crafts a variety of Turkish spindles, all of which are works of art.


The Lark is a tiny spindle, but it is humongous compared to the Kuchulu.

The spindle came with the storage bag and with a length of fiber–some luscious BFL/silk blend–already attached. My guess is that each spindle is tested before it is sold to make sure it spins well. Mine sure does.

Why shouldn’t a high-quality tool also be beautiful? I have two spindles that qualify as works of art–the Kundert and now the Jenkins–and they are both fabulous spindles.

How tiny the Lark looks beside the Kundert

I wonder what my letter carrier will bring next? 🙂


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