I’m Such A Slacker

I’ve gotten so much fibery-good stuff done since my last blog entry, but I’ve really slacked off in keeping all my dear readers up to date. So be prepared for a flurry of short but picture-packed posts, starting with this one.

Remember when I showed you this fiber that I bought via Etsy?

Corgi Hill Farm BFL in Cool Madras

It became this,

BFL on the spindle

then this.

The fiber divided in half, spun on two different spindles

I wound the singles into this ginormous plying ball,

Plying ball next to a pee gee ball for scale

and plied them to make a nice 2-ply yarn.

Corgi Hill Farm BFL in Cool Madras plied on a Schacht Hi-Lo 2.2 ounce

The 2-ply yarn was then skeined on a niddy noddy, washed and dried,

Cool Madras 2-ply drying on the rack

and wound into a skein.

5 ounces/ 566 yards of 2-ply, fingering-weight handspun yarn

The yarn close up

I love the way the colors of this yarn blend, and I’m very pleased with how consistent this yarn is. Oh, it isn’t perfectly consistent, but, hey! It’s handspun. It isn’t supposed to look like it was spun in a mill. But it’s pretty damned good for someone who had never even touch a spindle before July.

I have plans for this yarn, but I’m not ready to let you in on them yet. I hope you don’t mind waiting, but if you do? Too bad. 🙂


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