My New BFF

I’m in love. Total, absolute love. Yep! I’m in love with Falkland wool. Of all the different wool fibers I’ve spun so far, Falkland is hands down my favorite. It’s soft, sproingy, and easy to draft. It takes dyes beautifully. From what I’ve read, Falkland isn’t a separate breed of sheep, but rather Falkland wool is the wool that comes from the sheep that are raised on the Falkland Islands, primarily Merinos (of which there are many variants around the world that produce wool with different characteristics), but other breeds as well. The wool produced is of a very high quality and the sheep are neither dipped nor mulesed. (Don’t ask; you don’t want to know. It’s really gross.)

Granted, I’ve only spun one braid of Falkand to date, and it isn’t quite finished yet. But still, I love Falkland to distraction.

I’ve added a new braid of Falkland to my growing stash of spinning fiber. I bought it from Woolgatherings on Etsy.

The colors are gorgeous, ranging from light to dark turquoise-ish blue to light to dark purplish gray and they remind me of a plaid skirt I had back in high school that I loved more than life itself.

Of course, I couldn’t stop at just one braid of fiber. Woolgatherings had a large offering of gorgeous braids and I couldn’t resist giving BFL/Sparkle a try. And I couldn’t decide between this colorway

and this color way.

So I did what any self-respecting knitter/spinner would do. I bought them both. Since these braids contain some Nylon (Sparkle is Nylon), I think they will make great sock yarn. And, yes, the Sparkle does sparkle. 🙂

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