A Weekend of Knitting And Football

So, the mighty Mountaineers of West Virginia University beat the Maryland Terps on Saturday. And on Sunday, my beloved Buffalo Bills managed to win over the hapless Pumpkin Heads Cleveland Browns. But, sadly, the Stillers managed to give away their game to the Raiders.

All that football means a lot of knitting, and a lot of knitting means that the knitting is done.

The Spider Queen knitted but not blocked

I used six balls of Jamieson & Smith Cobweb with just a little to spare.

I hope to dress The Spider Queen later this week. I can hardly wait to see her stretched out in all her glory.

After finishing the arachnid on Saturday, I went to work on the Show-Off Stranded sock #2.

As you can see, the heel has been turned, the gussets worked, and the foot is progressing nicely. There is no stranded knitting whatsoever in this pattern, so I really don’t get the name. The pattern really should be called the Show-Off Passed-Over Socks because the pattern consists of doing a yarnover, knitting two stitches, and passing the yarnover over the two stitches that were just knitted. 🙂

Time for a new project. Maybe I’ll knit up some of my handspun.

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