FO Friday–A Clapotis Is Born!

I don’t normally do viral knitting. For those of you who aren’t knitters, or those who are but aren’t on Ravelry, when a particular pattern becomes super popular on Ravelry and it seems that everyone and his mother is knitting it, it is said to have gone viral, hence “viral knitting.” Knitting what everyone else is knitting really isn’t my thing, but when a pattern becomes very popular, there is usually good reason for it. A few years ago, when the Clapotis became THE thing to knit, I passed on it because after looking at the pattern in Knitty, I thought it was about the ugliest piece of knitting I had ever seen. I couldn’t even begin to understand why it was so popular. I explained all this in an earlier post.

But sometimes things change. After finishing spinning and plying the BFL in Cool Madras that I bought from Corgi Hill Farm, I just knew the yarn wanted to be a scarf of some sort. Clapotis came to mind, and I looked through project pictures on Ravelry and realized that it is actually a lovely design and that it would be perfect for my Cool Madras yarn. And, voilà! A Clapotis is born.

A Clapotis bun

Clapotis partially blocked

Clapotis on the blocking boards

The pattern is super easy and fun to knit, and when it is blocked, it looks really good. I don’t know whether I’ll ever knit another Clapotis. Knitting scarves is not my favorite thing. But I’m really happy I gave Clapotis a try. It’s just what the doctor ordered for my beautiful Cool Madras handspun.


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