FO Friday–Does This Count?

I’m really not sure whether this counts as a finished object, but since it is as close as I can come to a finished object today, I’m going to say, Yes! It’s a finished object! After all, this is my blog, and I’m the boss of my blog. 🙂

So, here’s my finished object–a bobbin full of Blue and Green Merino/mohair blend fiber from Wolf Creek Wools.

Spun on my Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel

As you can see from the picture, I have another hank of the fiber to spin. I’m going to start spinning it later today. My original plan was to make this yarn into a true 3-ply, because my first attempt at chain-plying on my wheel was, um, abysmal. But now that my abysmally chain-plied yarn has been washed, dried, and skeined, I’m thinking it actually looks not all that bad.

Mini-skein of Wool of the Andes top spun and chain-plied on my Ladybug

Yes, it is definitely over-plied in places. And the yarn isn’t as balanced as I would like.

This close-up show how over-plied this yarn is.

But it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be before I set the twist. In fact, it isn’t really all that bad, especially considering it was my first effort at chain-plying on my wheel. So now I’m thinking I’ll chain-ply the Blue and Green singles on my wheel. Once I get the tension properly adjusted, I think the results will be better than with the red singles. And it won’t hurt that the Blue and Green singles are a lot more consistent than the red ones.

Hey, I just realized something. The red mini-skein definitely counts as a finished object. LOL


4 thoughts on “FO Friday–Does This Count?

    • For some reason, chain plying on a spindle just clicked for me. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and just did it. I guess the fact that I used to do a lot of crocheting helped. Chain-plying on the wheel is a little more complex for me because the twist is going into the yarn as I’m chaining, and I feel like I don’t have control of it. But that will come with practice. At least, I hope control will come with practice. 😀

  1. YES!! I secretly really, REALLY wanted you to chain ply this! I almost asked if you would consider chain plying a small sample just so we could see it! I figured that would be being TOO nosey, LOL!! I’m that ridiculous. But, the color in this will be so lovely preserved in its original order. Can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

    • I might end up chain-plying it on a spindle because I just can’t get the hang of chain-plying on my wheel. I think part of the problem is that I cannot adjust the tension on my kate and I cannot get the yarn to feed off smoothly so I end up with too much twist even though I’m using the largest pulley and treadling as slowly as I can. But I have a lot of fiber to play around with, so I might do a lot of samples. But I really would like to end up with some usable yarn because I love, love, love the colors. 😀

      Edited to add: I’ve been toying around with ways I can adjust the tension on my kate. I think if I use a piece of string instead of the stretchy band, I can get a tension that will allow the singles to feed off the bobbin easily and smoothly but not allow the singles to twist on themselves.

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