Today Is Wednesday And You Know What That Means

Yep, it’s WIP Wednesday. I’ll keep it short and simple today because my back is very unhappy.

Vanilla Candy Corn sock # 1 is completed and so is the toe of sock # 2.

Vanilla Candy Corn socks are progressing.

My Cotton Candy spinning challenge (Spindlers on Ravelry) is coming along. I have one spindle finished and a second one is nearly finished. I plan to do a third spindle, then make a 3-ply sock yarn. The blending of the colors will probably turn everything to mud, or maybe to clown barf, but I shall press forward. 😀

Louet Northern Lights in Cotton Candy on Golding Micro Ringspindles

And, finally, this lovely fiber from Sunset Fibers, which is the November edition of the Fiber of the Month Club

Sunset Fibers pin-drafted Corriedale fiber beautifully dyed

is turning into some very lovely singles that will be plied together to make a 2-ply yarn that should be lace weight.

Two bobbins of the fiber spun on my Ladybug

That’s it for today’s WIP Wednesday. Click here to see what everyone else is doing.


7 thoughts on “Today Is Wednesday And You Know What That Means

  1. Ho! 😀

    I know you have no idea who I am, but I found your blog via Stacey’s blogroll and fell in love with your pictures of handspun yarn.

    Your blog is lovely! I have absolutely no idea about icehockey or baseball (both are no big deal in my country), but I love your blog entries and have enjoyed reading about your projects a lot.

    I have your blog in my RSS feed now and hope that’s okay.
    Have a lovely day!

    Julia 😀

      • I think German is a hell of a language for everyone to learn … And if it wasn’t my first language, I wasn’t sure if I could have ever worked up the patience to learn it at all. :mrgreen:

        I have another blog (written in English!) which is about my knitting. Maybe you like it? 😀

      • Thank, Julia. I just subscribed to your knitting blog. I don’t think that German would be any more difficult to learn as a second language than English. I once took a course in reading German and was able to get by as long as I had a dictionary and grammar book nearby. But that was a long time ago. I am totally and absolutely jealous of folks who are bilingual (or better). Although I can read Latin and a little ancient Greek, the only language I can speak is English. Oh, and knitting. I can speak knitting rather fluently. 🙂

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