Solace In Socks

It wasn’t the best of weekends for my favorite football teams, but at least I can look back and see all the progress I made on my socks. I love to knit while watching football–and also hockey, but I don’t want to go there–so weekends in the fall are very productive knitting time for me. And here’s proof:

I worked a bit on the Vanilla Candy Corn Sock #2.

Vanilla Candy Corn Socks sock #2 in progress

As you can see, these socks are going to be fraternal rather than identical twins.

Socks #1 and #2 posing side by side

With self-striping yarns, I often go to the time and trouble of starting each sock at the same point in the colorway, keeping my fingers crossed that there are no knots in the yarn to throw the color sequence off, but the stripes this yarn produces are very small and the color changes are subtle, so I didn’t bother to make the socks match exactly. I like the variation between the two socks. 😀

Remember this sock?

I took this picture before cast off the sock.

It’s sock #1 of Em’s Boot Socks, which I finished a few weeks ago. I sent it to Em to try on via my private, personal couriers, i.e., my DH and the boy, and I got it back yesterday via the same method, although for the return trip, the DH got the sock directly from Em. Because I knew I would be getting the sock back on Sunday, I started working on the foot on Saturday and worked on it yesterday, too. As of last night, I had already completed the first increase round on the leg of the sock.

Sock #2 done to the first increase round

I want to have the sock finished by next Sunday so that I can give it to the boy to take back to the Burgh for Em to start wearing now that the weather is getting more on the wintry side.

If, dear reader, you are wondering why I had to wait until I got sock #1 back before knitting sock #2, it’s because I sent sock #1 for a fitting without having bothered to write down how many rounds there were between the toe increases and the beginning of the heel. I also hadn’t written down how many rounds I knitted between the end of the heel and the first increase round on the leg, or how many rounds between the last increase round and the beginning of the ribbing. I didn’t write down how many rounds of ribbing I did, either. So I needed sock #1 back because for some strange reason, I want sock #2 to be the same size as sock #1. Go figure. LOL

Em’s Boot Socks sock #1 and sock #2 side by side

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m not the sharpest needle in the case, but it will all work out in the end. 🙂


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