Pride Cometh…

I’ll admit it. I’m really proud of these socks.

Sparkly Garter Rib Socks

Sparkly Garter Rib Socks

I’ve knitted well over a hundred pairs of socks, but this is the very first pair I have ever knitted with yarn that I spun. They aren’t the prettiest socks I have made, but I still rather like them.

On the spinning front, I finished spinning and plying the lovely Corriedale roving from Sunset Fibers. The yarn is still on the bobbin, but I considered it to be a finished object and eligible for inclusion in a FO Friday post. 🙂

2-ply wheel-spun Corriedale

2-ply wheel-spun Corriedale

Happy Winter Solstice to all of you.


12 thoughts on “Pride Cometh…

  1. LOVE those socks!!! I think handspun socks are so quirky! But I love them that way. Might just live in an ultra conservative sphere though. So, it’s definitely nice to break out of the mold every once n a while with something unexpected. Congrats on your first pair!

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