Twelve Pairs Of Socks In 2013

Yes, that’s my goal for the new year, to complete at least twelve pairs of socks. I don’t have to spell out why. A picture is worth a thousand words.


My sock yarn stash dumped on the living room floor

13 thoughts on “Twelve Pairs Of Socks In 2013

    • I still have a bin full of hats from the last time I went on a hat-knitting jag. LOL I know that I’m a piker compared to a lot of other knitters, but I really need to make room for all my handspun. 🙂

  1. Good luck with your sock knitting. You have pretty yarns to choose from. I had the same goal last year. I was only able to finish 10 pair but had lots of fun and learned a lot.

    • I should be able to complete 12 pairs, but sometimes life happens. And I don’t have a toddler to chase after or a job or anything like that. I’m a lady of leisure, aka retired. 😀

    • Well, I also have a rather large stash of laceweight yarn, and a lot of miscellaneous yarn, too. But it does all fit in one closet (although not all of it IS in one closet LOL). 🙂

  2. Great idea! I think I’ll do that, too .. 😉 Maybe not only socks – but I definitely plan on reducing my stash a bit, because the Big Box is getting fuller and fuller … And I want to be able to buy new yarn without that guilty feeling I’m getting at the moment. 😉

  3. It’ll be fun to follow your progress … I’m always curious to see what socks other knitters have on their needles.

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