Another Week Of Hockey And Knitting

This year, I received the best Valentine’s Day present ever. The DH gave me Center Ice. Hockey seven days a week, games on the East Coast, games on the West Coast, games in the Canadian hinterlands (I’m talking about you, Winnipeg!). Games in the desert. Games in the mountains. Even games in the subtropics. It’s glorious!

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 1.32.06 PMThe other night, the Chicago Blackhawks played in Vancouver, British Columbia. For a couple of years now at Canucks home games, there has been a little boy seated behind the Canucks bench always wearing a Canucks sweater and ear protectors. This is the only picture I could find of the boy, and it doesn’t show him at his best. He is very well behaved and attentive to the game most of the time. But in this picture, I think he is expressing his disappointment after his team lost to the Kings in the playoffs last year. Anyway, whenever I watch a game that is being played in Rogers Center in Vancouver, I always look for this boy. When I spotted him in his usual place behind the Canucks bench during the game with the Blackhawks, I could hardly believe my eyes. Was I seeing things? No, I wasn’t. The little boy was wearing a Blackhawks sweater. His taste in hockey teams appears to be improving as he grows up. 😉

That’s just one of the many joys of watching a lot of hockey. The other is that watching hockey means knitting. And that brings us to the reason for this blog entry. Another week of hockey knitting has brought forth this:

Last week in hockey knitting

Last week in hockey knitting

From right to left, She Loves You Skyp sock # 1 is finished and sock # 2 is well under way. I put the gusset decreases on the sole of the foot on either side of the two center heel stitches. I’ll share the results in another post.

Very little progress has been made on the Sporty Spice Socks, but that’s mostly because I tried two different rib patterns for the instep and didn’t like either. After much knitting, ripping, knitting, and ripping again, I decided to just knit the foot in plain stocking stitch and save the ribbing for the leg. With this sock, it was two steps forward, one step back.

The 3 x 2 Rib Socks are coming along nicely. The foot of sock # 1 is done, the heel is turned, and the leg has been started.

Last but not least is the Bayside Pullover from Coastal Knits, which I finally cast on Saturday. It isn’t far enough along to be able to show you any detail yet, but I will be telling you all about it as I knit it. The sweater will probably be the featured project on WIP Wednesday.

That’s it for today. Happy knitting and happy hockey. Unless you are a F^%ers fan. Then I wish you happy knitting, but unhappy hockey. 😉


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