Softer Than Soft

I wish the Internet had the capability of allowing you, dear reader, to touch my Cormo handspun because a picture just cannot tell you how soft it is. Neither can words. You have to touch it to know this kind of softness.

I divided 4 ounces of natural Cormo fiber that I bought from Woolgatherings into 1-ounce bumps and spun each bump onto a separate bobbin on my Ladybug. This fiber, which is a Corriedale-Merino cross, loves to be spun very fine. After I had spun up all the fiber, I then plied it on the Ladybug to create a lovely 4-ply. The result is approximately 380 yards of sumptuously soft sportweight yarn that just screams to be next to my skin.


I have not yet selected a pattern for this yarn, so if you have any suggestions, I love to hear them.

Be sure to visit Tami’s website to see other FOs on this lovely Friday.

4 thoughts on “Softer Than Soft

  1. Q – Lovely! Now I need to try spinning Cormo. There are some wonderful shawls which would highlight your yarn. Do you prefer lace or cables? Is this yarn too soft for cables?

    • Thank you. I highly recommend Cormo. I will definitely be spinning more of it. Since I have only 380 yards, a shawl would have to be very small, but small shawls are quite lovely. I love both lace and cables, and I think the yarn would work for both, but probably cables would be best because the yarn is 4-ply and very round. I think cables would really pop.

    • Thank you, Julia. My spinning and plying improves with each project, but this fiber was such a joy to work with, it took little effort on my part. It just sort of spun itself. I just treadled. 🙂

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