What’s On My Wheel

I really love spinning. I’m kicking myself for not giving it a try back in the early 1990s when I first got the notion in my head that I might like to spin yarn. Mostly I’m just happy I finally gave it a try.

Lately I have been doing most of my spinning (and plying) on my Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel, although I do have one project going on a drop spindle that I have been working on for a few minutes every day. But right now, my wheel is my obsession, second only to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

My current spinning project was inspired by the March and April selections of Woolgatherings’ ROTM.

The April and March 2013 selections of Sunset Fibers BFL

The April and March 2013 selections of Sunset Fibers BFL

These two beautiful bumps of BFL in soft, spring colors told  me that they wanted to join together in fiber matrimony to become a 2-ply laceweight yarn. So I spun each one up on a separate bobbin

Beautiful singles on the bobbins

Beautiful singles on the bobbins

and now I am plying them together.

Two become one:  the magic that is plying.

Two become one: the magic that is plying.

The yarn looks very much like JoJoLand Harmony variegated laceweight yarn, although my handspun isn’t quite as fine as Harmony.

JoJoLand Harmony

I probably should be trying to expand my spinning horizons, but I have really been enjoying spinning teeny-tiny singles and then plying them together, 2, 3, or 4 at a time. I haven’t tried a 5-ply yet because I have only five bobbins and my kate holds only four bobbins. And I’m still having fun trying different fibers and working on improving my consistency both with spinning and plying. That’s plenty to challenge me for now. Down the road, I hope to get other wheels–I have my eye on a Lendrum and a Matchless–and some more bobbins and a high speed pulley for my Ladybug. But for now, I’m happy to keep spinning away on the Bug.

8 thoughts on “What’s On My Wheel

  1. Q – Simply beautiful! You did a fabulous job spinning and plying. I do love my Lendrum! In fact, in our spinning class of 25 ladies, the Lendrum is the winner – 1/4 of us have them. LOL!

    • Thanks. I like my Ladybug a lot, but I love the idea of the versatility of a Lendrum and I want to see what sorts of spinning and plying I can do on one. I will be getting one sooner rather than later. 🙂

    • Thank you. The first skein is nearly dry and the second bobbin is awaiting the niddy noddy. I’ll post pictures when the yarn is finished. I’m pretty pleased so far.

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