Works In Progress on a WIP Wednesday

Thanks to lots of playoff hockey, I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done. My most recent cast-on, Hitchhiker, is progressing rapidly even as the rows get longer. It’s totally autopilot knitting, but with a potato chip element. I cannot knit just one row. 🙂

We're making progress!

We’re making progress!

This 2-ply handspun is lovely to knit with. I love the effect of the color changes. Dana of Unwind Yarn Company is a brilliant dyer.

On the sweater front, Cassidy now has a back and two fronts,

She's starting to look like a sweater.

She’s starting to look like a sweater.

and the first sleeve is underway. If I were a monogamous knitter, Cassidy would probably be finished already. But I simply cannot bring myself to stick to one project at a time, and there’s no rush to finish Cassidy because she’s definitely a winter sweater, and winter is still a long way off here in the Northern Hemisphere.

On the spinning front, I’m spinning some lovely red Falkland wool on a drop spindle.

Unwind Yarn Company Falkland in O-Neg on one of my Goldings

Unwind Yarn Company Falkland in O-Neg on one of my Goldings

My progress is slow, but I try to spin on it at least a little every day.

I spend a lot more time spinning on my wheel, so my progress there is a lot faster. I’m currently working on some lovely “swirl” BFL, a blend of black and white BFL that is then dyed to create colors that spin up into a beautifully heathered yarn. I love the way this particular colorway spins up.

Sunset Fibers BFL on the Ladybug

Sunset Fibers BFL on the Ladybug

I divided the roving into thirds and plan to spin 3 bobbins of singles, then make a 3-ply yarn. I’m kind of in love with 3-ply handspun. 🙂

Be sure to check out other works in progress on Tami’s WIP Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Works In Progress on a WIP Wednesday

  1. I loved knitting the hitchhiker – it definitely flew off the needles. But the rows do get much longer sadly haha.

    I am in awe of your sprinning…I have recently purchased two drop spindles but am too nervous to try just yet. I think I am going to sign up for a work shop at Webs this summer.

    • I’m totally enjoying the Hitchhiker. All that garter stitch is mindless, but the increases and decreases keep it interesting. Well, that and watching the colors of the yarn change.

      I taught myself to spin on a drop spindle using park and draft after watching a boat-load of videos on You Tube and other sources. Abby Franquemont has some really good videos posted, plus I bought the video version of Respect the Spindle. It took me only a few days of park and draft before I automagically started drop-spindling. If you have a chance to do a spindling workshop, don’t pass it up. There’s no substitute for hands-on instruction.

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