This is one of my hockey-knitting projects. Because this pattern has both cables and lots and lots of twisted stitches, and because I’m knitting it on US #1/2.25 mm needles, it’s a slow go. These socks will probably take forever and a day.

Stitches are twisted by knitting the stitch through the back loop rather than the front loop, and it takes me a bit longer to knit a stitch that way. It’s also a little hard on my hands to knit the twisted stitches, so I can knit on the sock for only a couple of pattern repeats at a time.

But the pattern, the Simple Elegant Cable Socks by Judy Alexander published in Simply Sockupied 2012 (also available on Ravelry as a download), is so lovely, it’s worth the extra effort. Judy, from, is one of my favorite sock designers; her designs are well-thought-out with great attention to detail.

The yarn is vintage Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband in color 53 Barrier Reef, a bluish green. I think this yarn was discontinued quite a few years ago. When there were rumors of its demise, I bought quite a bit of it, both Special Blauband (solid colors) and Maxi Ringel (self-striping). It’s a good thing that wool yarn doesn’t go bad if it’s properly stored. 🙂


One thought on “Twisted

  1. It looks like a lovely pattern to be sure! Kudos also for working cables with twisted stitches … I have tried this twice so far, but it takes AGES to knit one round, so right now, I don’t have the patience for that ….

    Great socks again, btw, also in the last post! I hope your team acknowledges the effort and plays a great season. 😉

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