TdF Day #4

Well, another day of the Tour de Fleece is coming to an end. It was a busy and productive day for me. In addition to doing a little housework and cooking, I managed to spin up the remainder of the Sunset Fibers BFL that is going to become a 2 x 2 cable yarn.


I’m not sure how the colors are going to blend when I ply then cable this yarn, but I think it should be interesting.

I also added some more fiber to the alpaca/Merino singles I’m spinning. I’m using my new Schacht high speed whorl on the largest “setting,” which has a ration of 14:1.


Since this is my first attempt at spinning alpaca, I was curious how it would spin up on a spindle.


And my new Lendrum has been getting a workout. I wanted to try the fast flyer, so I started spinning up some hand-dyed Merino wool top I bought from OnTheRound. The Lendrum fast flyer has three grooves on it, and I am using the middle one which has a ratio of 15:1.

A bazillion shades of blue

A bazillion shades of blue

The blues in this fiber are just incredible, ranging from palest gray-blue to robin’s egg blue to deep midnight blue. I can hardly wait to get the yarn finished so that I can knit something with it.



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