TdF Day #8

I’m still spinning away. I skeined up my cable yarn


My first-ever cable yarn on the niddy noddy

My first-ever cable yarn on the niddy noddy


and it is now hanging in the shower to dry. It turned out much better than I had expected. I read a lot about how to spin for a cable yarn before starting the project, and I think the information I gleaned from what I read really helped me end up with a nice, balanced yarn.

I spun the singles as I normally would, but when I plied the singles, I over-plied them. That’s not difficult for me because I have a tendency to over-ply everything and have had to make a concerted effort to put a little less twist into my plying. When I did the second plying, i.e. when I plied the two strands of 2-ply yarn together to make the cable yarn, I used a larger pulley than I normally use for plying and treadled slowly because the second plying is supposed to be done with less twist than one usually uses.

I checked the yarn frequently by pulling it back off the bobbin and letting it hang slack. If the yarn jumped to twist back on itself, I knew I was putting in too much twist. I got a really good feel very early on for how many treadles produced the effect I wanted. When I took the skein off the niddy noddy, and let it hang, it made a half-twist to the right (looking at the skein) so I was pretty confident that after I set the twist I would have a balanced yarn. I wasn’t disappointed. When I hung the yarn on the shower head to dry, it hung straight. I’ve never knitted with a cable yarn, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it will knit up.

Of course, winding yarn from a bobbin to a niddy noddy isn’t spinning. I did do some spinning today. I added more to the purplish-gray alpaca/Merino, but I didn’t bother with a picture because, really, the bobbin doesn’t look any different except that it’s a little closer to being full.

But I did finish up the first bobbin of the Berry Crumble Polwarth.

Sunset Fibers Polwarth on the bobbin

Sunset Fibers Polwarth on the bobbin

I think I am going to make a 2-ply, but I’m still thinking about chain-plying the singles. I don’t have to make up my mind right this minute. 🙂

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