My Day Of Rest

Today the riders in the Tour de France are resting, so it’s also a rest day for the spinners of the Tour de Fleece. And since today is a rest day, I decided to do a little spinning maintenance.

First off, I moved my wheels and fiber out of my spinning corner and gave the area a thorough vacuuming.

Then I decided to set up my Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel in double drive. Double drive is when the drive band goes around both the flyer pulley and the bobbin, and you brake the bobbin by adjusting the drive band. Let’s just say that I found double drive to be way too fiddly for my taste and leave it at that. I’ll stick with Scotch tension, thank you very much.

Next, I skeined up the sample of chain-plied blue Merino I plied yesterday and set the twist.


I’m very happy with how the sample turned out and I really think that I will be able to master chain-plying with a little more practice.

And finally, last but not least, I took a picture of my finished, first ever cable yarn.

My first ever cable yarn spun from Sunset Fibers BFL

I love this yarn. Love. It

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