Fiesta Time!

Finally, finally, I’m posting pictures of my finished Fiesta Paisley Lace Shawl. Well, mostly finished. I still haven’t woven in the ends.

It looks pretty draped over the chair.


Let’s get in a little closer.


It’s pretty on the floor, too.

Did you notice? No, you aren’t seeing things. The shawl is blocked as a rectangle, not a square. That’s because I’m an old lady with arthritis who can no longer crawl around on the floor. I had to arrange the blocking squares on the double bed in the spare room.

It’s good to have a feline helper. Siobhan thinks I knit everything just for her.


My shawl was knitted to a generous size, and in order to make it square, it would have had to be wider than the bed. So it ended up being longer than it is wide. But it still looks pretty good as a rectangle.

Did you notice the bottom edge? Take a closer look. Can you see it? Here’s a picture of the top edge for comparison.

The top edge of the shawl while it is blocking

If you still don’t see it, count the paisleys on the bottom edge, then on the top edge. Notice that some are facing right, and some are facing left. Do you see it now? Yep, that’s right. On the bottom edge, I have 8 right-facing paisleys and 6 left-facing paisleys instead of 7 of each. ::sigh::  As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, it’s always something.

Bonus picture! Here’s a corner close-up shot.

The day after I washed it and pinned it out on the blocking board, my back decided to play tricks on me, and I was laid up for quite a few days. So Fiesta spent a lot of time on the blocking board and was definitely thoroughly dry when she was unpinned. I’m glad we didn’t need to use the guest bed for anyone but the kitty.


17 thoughts on “Fiesta Time!

  1. What a fantastic and beautiful piece of knitting! Congratulations on a fabulous shawl! Never mind the “features” – they make it totally unique. I love the edging, I love the paisleys – I love it all!

  2. It turned out so nicely. And the kitty seems to appreciate all the little chicks marching around the border. I know thy’re supposed to be paisley swirls, but I still see chicks.

  3. It’s lovely! And don’t say it’s a mistake, it’s a “design modification.” Like mapmakers used to introduce an error so they could tell a map was their own work, in a pile of copies, you’ll be sure which one is yours!

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