Fractal Friday

It’s been a while since I posted a finished object on Finished Object Friday, so I’m pretty happy to have something to post today.

I already told yinz about the fractal spin challenge I participated in on the Schacht Spinners group on Ravelry in a previous blog post.

Here are the final results.

The singles spun on two bobbins on my Schacht Ladybug in double drive

The singles plied together. I couldn’t quite fit it all onto one bobbin. I plied on my Ladybug in Scotch tension.

The 2-ply yarn straight off the niddy noddy

The finished skein. Honey Bear likes it. The silk gives the yarn a nice sheen, and the BFL gives it a nice halo.

The yarn is very fine.

My finished yarn is over 1300 yards in 115 grams, which is very fine lace weight. Overall, I’m very pleased with this spin. If I could do one thing over again, I would have started spinning the singles from the dark pink end instead of the green end so that when I started plying, I would have started with a solid green stripe. But all in all, this fractal spin was a rousing success.


4 thoughts on “Fractal Friday

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t participate in the SAL, but read the group posts and learned so much. It’s time for me to get back to my spinning.

  2. Thanks, caityrosey. I agree that fractal spinning is fun to play around with, and even when the yarn doesn’t turn out quite they way you had imagined, it still looks great. It’s difficult to mess up a fractal spin.

    It really didn’t take all that long. I started on April 9 and the hank was soaking on April 27, so it was less than 3 weeks. But if I’m going to make a habit of spinning 1300+ yards of 2-ply from 4 ounces of fiber, maybe I should think about getting a 30-inch spinning wheel. If only I had room for a wheel that big.

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