More Finished Objects

Yes, it’s FO Friday once again, and today I actually have some finished objects to share.

Knitting first.

I finished my first ever Swiffer cover.

The business end of the Swiffer cover

The pockets hold the cover on.

I used this pattern, which is free, and Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn, which is cheap. I was kind of holding my breath when I sewed up the ends, hoping against hope that it would actually fit. It does. YAY!

It fits!

There is a lot of texture in the knitting to help with the cleaning.


I think I will knit a few more of these so that the intended recipient will have enough that she won’t have to worry that when she wants to clean up the cat hair that has collected in the corner of the dining room, her Swiffer cover will be down the laundry chute. (Wow! That’s a really awful sentence. I should rewrite it, but I’m not gonna.)

Swiffer covers are quick and easy and surprisingly pleasant to knit. There are several different patterns for knitted Swiffer covers on Ravelry, so I might try another pattern just because.

Next is my spinning. I spun up this beautiful Loop Bullseye Sparkle Bump in a self-striping color way called Sunbeam,

Pretty sparkly fiber waiting to be spun

then chain-plied it to make a sock yarn.

The singles were spun, then chain-plied on my Lendrum wheel.

The finished yarn is quite sparkly and will make lovely socks.

The picture of the skeins was taken before I set the twist. The yarn is soaking in the sink as I write.

I spun and plied this yarn on my Lendrum wheel, which is a single-drive wheel (Scotch tension). I like using Scotch tension for plying, but ever since I started spinning in double drive on my Ladybug and Traveller, I find that I prefer double drive to single-drive ST for spinning. I enjoyed spinning this yarn on the Lendrum, but I found myself wishing I was spinning it in double drive on the Travvy or ‘Bug.

I think the Lendrum is going to be relegated to the role of plying wheel for the time being. I find myself more and more thinking about selling the Lendrum, but I’m not quite there yet.

7 thoughts on “More Finished Objects

    • Thanks, Janet. I love the colors, too. I’ve been getting Loop Bullseye bumps through the mystery club for quite a while now and haven’t been disappointed yet.

      I think Swiffer covers are a really great idea, not only for using up cotton stash, but because they are environmentally and economically sound.

  1. That swiffer cover really is a good idea. I always feel so guilty tossing out those sticky sheets.

    • Yeah, it seems so wasteful. I hardly ever use my Swiffer anymore because I bought a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that works really well on hard floors, and a steam mop with washable cleaning pads, so I use them instead. But I still sometimes use the Swiffer in the bathroom, so I plan to make a couple of Swiffer covers for myself.

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