Still Alive

Yes, I’m still in this world. Sorry for the silence, but I’m currently living in Limbo. The move itself went smoothly enough and the Xmas holiday was fine; I received some excellent alpaca yarn that was purchased in Peru, most of which has already been knitted up. But the new year brought the obligatory winter respiratory infection, so that put the kibosh on virtually all of life’s pleasantries.

Fortunately, I am mostly recovered now, and a lot of the boxes that were filling the kitchen have  been either unpacked or moved to the basement. But a lot of stuff will not be unpacked until we have remodeled the kitchen (we’re in the getting estimates stage) and had the floors downstairs refinished, hence the Limbo. To unpack or not to unpack. That is the question.

And to top things off, I have misplaced two hats that I knitted (including one knitted with the Peruvian alpaca I received as a present). I remember where I last saw them, but I have no idea where they are now. Where the hell did I put them? I have searched in every conceivable place for them, but no joy. So I guess I will have to start searching in inconceivable places. (Please, no Princess Bride references. Thank you.)

Not much knitting has been happening, just two hats and half a fingerless mitt, but I did finally get my Travvy reassembled and working, and I finished spinning up the Loop bump I started back in November. I hope to do some plying today. Unfortunately, during the haze of my illness, I missed the deadline for the Jan/Feb/Mar installment of the Loop Bullseye Bump club, so no more new bumps till Spring. I guess that will give me time to catch up spinning all the bumps in my stash, not to mention all the other fiber.

Otherwise, there’s not much to report aside from saying that living in the city is taking a lot of adjustment, more for some than for others. It’s been a month since we moved here, but it seems like forever.

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