That gray “vanilla” sock I told you about? You know, the one that I couldn’t finish because I couldn’t find the rest of the yarn? Well, here it is.

A plain vanilla sock nearing completion. It’s definitely autopilot knitting.

Yes, that’s two more balls of gray Socka Sport & Strumpf you see.

The other night, I decided to sort through my handspun and pick some out to knit. My handspun was was still sealed up in the plastic storage bin from the move last December.

While I was opening the bin containing my handspun, I decided to open up the three other still-sealed bins that I had stored in the closet of my spinning lair/computer room/library. And what do you suppose I found? You got it! There, in one of the bins, were the other two balls of gray sock yarn, just hanging out with some the other yarn.

I don’t know why my yarn and knitting needles and even finished objects like to hide from me, but they do. I wish they’d stop it.

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