Stash Attack

A spinner simply cannot have too much fiber. It’s impossible. I just added two new braids to my fiber stash. They are from Spunky Eclectic, and are part of the Club Remix, which celebrates the tenth year of the Spunky Fiber Club.

One braid has gorgeous coppery browns, dark browns, and hints of gold.

This color way is called Kitsune, but I think it should be called Calico Kitty.  🙂

The fiber is mixed BFL (Bluefaced Leicester–pronounced “lester”). Mixed BFL, aka Swirl BFL, is a (usually 75/25) mixture of natural white (actually cream) BFL with natural black (actually brown) BFL, which adds a lot of depth to the dyed colors when the fiber is spun. BFL (say “biffle”) is a gorgeous fiber, a fine longwool that combines softness and luster. It’s fun to spin, and it makes a yarn that is wonderful to knit with and that produces next-to-the-skin soft garments.

The other braid is Shetland wool, which is one of my favorite fibers to spin.

State Park is the name of this color way.

It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that I’m not in danger of running out of spinning fiber. 🙂




5 thoughts on “Stash Attack

  1. They look great! The first fibre reminds me a bit of a German Shepherd Dog or Beagle (the colours look similar) – I find them beaufitul dogs, by the way (!!!). I’m curious how you’re gonna spin them up!

    • Yes, calico cats and tricolor dogs. I just love that color combination. Did you know that calico cats are almost always female? Male calicos are extremely rare, and when they do occur, the cat is always sterile. My trivia lesson of the day. 🙂

      • No, I didn’t know that. This is a really interesting fact! I wish I could have a cat again … Philipp is allergic, though (although he sometimes hints that MAYBE ONE DAY … This would be wonderful).

        It really looks a bit like one of the costumes of “Cats”. 🙂 Really beautiful! (I have to admit I had a peek at your fibre stash – it’s great. I forgot that you had so many “bull’s eye” fibre.

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