TdF Day 3 Stage 3

So, here’s what I accomplished yesterday, which was Day 3 of the TdF:

For some reason, WordPress won’t let me caption or otherwise edit the pictures, so I will put the text describing each bobbin before the picture.

These are the finished singles of Spunky Eclectic Caribou (progression dyed) on superwash Targhee. They will be chain plied to make a self-striping yarn with big chunks of color.

TdF 2018 Day 3/Stage 3

Below is Feathered Friends, also Spunky Eclectic, all chain plied and ready to be wound off onto the niddy noddy.

TdF 2018 Day 3/Stage 3

The next two are yarns that I spun during the Stanley Cup playoffs but chain plied yesterday during the TdF. The fiber is a progression dyed superwash Merino from Spunky Eclectic called Out of Season. I spun the top bump end to end to keep the progression intact; the bottom bump was split into multiple strips lengthwise to make a self-striping yarn.

TdF 2018 Day 3/Stage 3

TdF 2018 Day 3/Stage 3

Finally, I started spinning up the second bump of Little Bluebird on Romney, also a fiber from Spunky Eclectic. I am doing a two-ply fractal. I will spin the yarn onto one bobbin, then wind into a cake and ply from both ends which is now my favorite way of doing a 2-ply because I never end up with extra singles.

TdF 2018 Day3/Stage 3


2 thoughts on “TdF Day 3 Stage 3

  1. I’m not familiar with the term ” cake” . I’m imagining a center pull ball. I have done Andean ply for the last of a bobbin but never tried to do a whole bobbin. I would love more information on your technique.

    • A “cake” is the sort of center-pull “ball” you get when you wind your skein of yarn on a ball winder. I would never try to do a plying bracelet for an entire bobbin. I’d end up with a tangled mess. LOL

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