Fractal Friday

It’s been a while since I posted a finished object on Finished Object Friday, so I’m pretty happy to have something to post today.

I already told yinz about the fractal spin challenge I participated in on the Schacht Spinners group on Ravelry in a previous blog post.

Here are the final results.

The singles spun on two bobbins on my Schacht Ladybug in double drive

The singles plied together. I couldn’t quite fit it all onto one bobbin. I plied on my Ladybug in Scotch tension.

The 2-ply yarn straight off the niddy noddy

The finished skein. Honey Bear likes it. The silk gives the yarn a nice sheen, and the BFL gives it a nice halo.

The yarn is very fine.

My finished yarn is over 1300 yards in 115 grams, which is very fine lace weight. Overall, I’m very pleased with this spin. If I could do one thing over again, I would have started spinning the singles from the dark pink end instead of the green end so that when I started plying, I would have started with a solid green stripe. But all in all, this fractal spin was a rousing success.


Fractal And Friends

I’ve written often on these pages about Ravelry and the wonderful community of knitters, crocheters, and spinners that has developed there. I belong to a number of spinning groups, and I have found that the members are knowledgeable, generous with their time, and eager to share their experience and advise those of us who are newer to spinning.

One of my spinning groups is Schacht Spinners, which is devoted to folks who spin or want to spin on Schacht wheels. One of the forum moderators started a “monthly” challenge (which sometimes runs more than one month) to encourage us to try different spinning techniques. It’s all very informal; you can participate or not, and you can go at your own pace. No pressure, just an opportunity to learn something new with the support of other spinners.

The current challenge is to do a fractal spin. I’ve done fractal spins before, but I’ve never done one with a gradient yarn. So, with my Schacht Ladybug set up in double drive using the highest ratio on the fast pulley––

A pretty braid of BFL and silk is just begging to be spun into yarn.

A pretty braid of BFL and silk is just begging to be spun into yarn.

I thought this beautiful braid from Friends in Fibers in the Cranberry Bog Gradient colorway would be perfect for a gradient fractal spin.

I wanted to try to make a self-striping, lace weight, 2-ply yarn in which the color changes got farther and farther apart. I want to knit a triangular shawl in which the width of the stripes remains about the same from beginning to end. I want the color repeats to be shorter at the beginning of the shawl and get longer as the number of stitches increases.

I would never have thought to try this if I hadn’t joined this group and this challenge. But one of the participants posted a link to this blog post, which led to this blog post, which led me to say, I want to do this!

The first half is nearing completion.

The first bobbin of singles is nearly finished. I can hardly wait to start the second bobbin. I will be spinning the remaining strips end to end, keeping the colors in the same order (green to dark pink), starting with the thinnest strip and ending with the thickest. And I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the yarn turns out the way I envision it. But if it doesn’t, not to worry. It will be beautiful regardless. When you start with lovely fiber that has been beautifully dyed, it is almost impossible to mess it up. 🙂