Abria is finished and will begin its journey to its recipient tomorrow.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t get a good picture of this sweater.

Abria draped on the back of my couch

Abria draped on the back of my couch


Abria lying flat on my couch

In real life, it is absolutely gorgeous. The design by Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits is brilliant and a lot of fun to knit.

The yarn I used, Classic Elite Firefly, is perfect for this sweater. It knits up into a soft, drapy, lightweight sweater that has just a bit of sheen. I didn’t make a single modification. Not. One.

Happy FO Friday!



Happy WIP Wednesday, everyone! I have progress to report today.

I’ve been working for a few hours every night on the Abria Cardigan. During the hockey game on Monday night–game 3 of the Stanley Cup final, which the Kings won to take a 3-0 lead over the Rangers in the series–I finished the first sleeve and got started on the second sleeve. And last night (Tuesday) I worked on the second sleeve while streaming a movie on my computer. I have exactly 26 rows left to knit before the final binding off.

The second sleeve is well on its way via Magic Loop.

The second sleeve is well on its way via Magic Loop.

Unless the knitting gods decided to take vengeance on me, I will get the rest of the sleeve done tonight during the hockey game, and thats a good thing because tonight could very well be the last hockey game of the season. Who knows whether the Rangers will be able to muster enough gumption to take a game from the Kings. They have been playing hard, but have little to show for it.

Anyway, after the second sleeve is young off, all that will be left to do is weave in ends and block the sweater. I love sweaters that are knitted in one piece. 🙂 Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits, who designed Abria, is currently working on a long version of the cardigan, and as soon as the pattern is available, I will be knitting one for me. Yep, I love this pattern that much.


And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Here’s some knitting for this wonderful WIP Wednesday. A little while back, I received a message in my e-mail from Chic Knits announcing a new pattern by Bonne Marie Burns called Abria. Bonne Marie is one of my very favorite designers. She designed the incredibly gorgeous Cassidy sweater that I knitted last year.

Anyway, when I opened the e-mail from Chic Knits, I took one look at Abria…

A picture of the first page of my working copy of the pattern

A picture of the first page of my working copy of the pattern

and thought, Oh! That is a beautiful little sweater. Wouldn’t it look lovely on my soon-to-be-DIL? So, I sent her a link to the pattern, and I sent her a link to the yarn. I asked her if she would like a sweater in this pattern and if so, which color? Her answer was a resounding YES!, and she chose a gorgeous color that will look fabulous on her.

Here’s what I have to show you so far.

This picture is pretty close to the actually color of the yarn.

This picture is pretty close to the actually color of the yarn.

The yarn is Classic Elite Firefly in the color Thistle. It’s a lovely slightly reddish light purple. The sheen is mostly an artifact of the flash when I took the picture; in real live, the yarn doesn’t have quite that much sheen. It is 75% vicose (think Rayon) and 25% linen.

This yarn is surprisingly lovely to knit with. It is softer off the ball than pure linen yarn, and it knits a little closer to it’s blocked gauge than pure linen. When it’s washed, it gets even softer, and the viscose has a beautiful sheen, and the drape is soft. This will be a great three-seasons sweater, a light-weight, little cardigan that can be thrown on over a sundress, tank top, or T-shirt to dress up an outfit or to take the chill off a cool summer evening or crisp spring or autumn morning.

I love the design of this sweater. It is knit in one piece–Let’s hear it for no seaming!– and has lots of shaping to keep it looking tailored and some lace to add a feminine touch. The shaping is done mostly with the standard k2tog and ssk, and some of the shaping becomes a visible design feature. There are also some well-placed short rows that add a little length to the fronts. It is a clever design that is very easy to knit, although I would definitely not recommend it for a novice knitter.

Front view of my Abria. The color isn't even close in this picture.

Front view of my Abria. The color isn’t even close in this picture.

A view of the back of my Abria. The color is a little closer to reality, but not quite there.

A view of the back of my Abria. The color is a little closer to reality, but not quite there.

I have 19 more rows to knit on the body, then four rows of hem ribbing and the body will be done. The sleeves should go pretty quickly because they are not-quite three-quarter sleeves.But, of course, sleeves always take longer than you think, am I right?

I should have this sweater done before the next Stanley Cup champion is crowned. Who will it be? The Kings or the Rangers? Your guess is as good as mine, but if I were a betting person, my money would be on the Kings. Henrik Lundqvist is an extraordinary goal tender, and the Rangers are sizzling hot right now, so I definitely wouldn’t rule them out. But the Kings had to win a game seven in every round, so I think they just have the determination and grit it takes to win.



I know it’s been a while since I last blogged. The DH and I have been busy painting the family room, getting new carpet installed (which you can see in the picture, although the color isn’t even close to accurate), and trying to get the family room put back together. It’s been a slow go because I’m kind of lazy. In between moving stuff, painting, and moving stuff back, I’ve been doing some spinning and knitting, but on this WIP Wednesday, I’m focusing on Emily’s Cassidy hoodie.


Cassidy is starting to look like a sweater!

As you can see, it is going together nicely. The shoulders were seamed using a three-needle bind-off, and I’m pleased with the how the shoulder shaping turned out. I did short rows instead of binding off stitches to shape the shoulders, and it looks great.

I also managed to get one sleeve is sewn in, and then I seamed the sleeve and side seams. I’m using mattress stitch to seam the sweater, and it is like magic. The seaming is done from the public side of the sweater and disappears automagically, leaving an invisible seam. Mattress stitch is easy to do, but that doesn’t make it fun.

I do not enjoy seaming sweaters (or anything else). But I shall persevere and get the seaming done so that I can start knitting the hood and button band. I love the knitting part. 🙂

Cassidy is a well-designed sweater. Bonne Marie Burns knows just where to place the shaping, and she chose cables that are easy to do but look complex, and the pattern is well-written and free of mistakes. The only concern I have at the moment is that the sleeves are going to be too long. That won’t be the end of the world. If the sleeves are too long, I can remedy that pretty easily by cutting off a few rows at the cast-on edge, unworking a row, and then finishing with a sewn cast-off. No one will ever know.

There was a time when the thought of taking scissors to my knitting would have horrified me, but no more. I am Knitter, hear me roar! I’m totally fearless when it comes to cutting off naughty ribbing and teaching it to behave properly. 🙂

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