WIP Wednesday–It’s Alive!

Direct from the bottom of my knitting basket, former WIP, long-dormant UFO, resurrected WIP, I present for your viewing pleasure, the There & Back Again Socks! Ta-da!

There & Back Again sock #1

These socks are the September 2006 selection from Judy Alexander’s SOTM club at The Knitter.  No, that’s not a typo. These socks are from 2006. I finished sock # 1, cast on sock #2, and set the socks aside to work on other projects. This WIP became a UFO and sat at the bottom of my knitting basket for 6 years. But the project has returned to life and the second sock should be finished before the month is over.

There & Back Again sock #2

The pattern itself, which was designed by Laura Andersson of Siruis Knitting, features a simple cable and a right twist that are fun to do and look fabulous. I enjoy knitting the pattern.

What I don’t enjoy is knitting the pattern with this particular yarn, Jaggerspun Super Lamb. Once knitted up, Super Lamb is very yummy. I know because I made another pair of socks with this yarn. The finished socks are very soft and comfortable, but because there is no Nylon in the yarn, the socks are not very durable. My other pair of Super Lamb socks are currently awaiting darning. They have been waiting for quite a long time. I hope they don’t mind too much because they will probably have to wait quite a while longer. LOL

But I digress. Although Super Lamb produces a very nice sock, knitting a sock with it is a royal pain because the way the yarn is plied makes it extremely splitty. It has three plies each made up of two plies for six plies total. The singles are plied very loosely and the yarn is worsted spun, so it is very smooth. When I throw the yarn, I take twist out of the yarn, and the yarn splits like crazy. Working cables and right twists with a yarn that splits so easily is not pleasant, and I am definitely a process knitter. If I’m not enjoying the knitting, I’m not going to finish the project. Life is too short to knit something I don’t enjoy knitting.

Fortunately, one of my knitting superpowers is the ability to morph into a product knitter when a project that produces an item I really want to have involves a process that doesn’t exactly thrill me. This wondrous ability helped me to finished a pair of twined socks that were incredibly beautiful but horrendous to knit, and it will help me to finish the There & Back Again socks. Yes, I like these socks that much. 🙂