Blue And Green Make Happy

A while back I bought some lovely hand-dyed blue and green 70-30 Merino/mohair blend top from Wolf Creek Wools. I’m crazy for blue and green together, and this fiber has gorgeous colors that are spinning up beautifully on my Schacht Ladybug.

Lovely blue and green Merino/mohair on the bobbin

The fiber itself is very compacted and would be impossible to draft if I didn’t attenuate it before spinning.

The compacted fiber is at the top; the fiber at the bottom has been attenuated.

But once the fibers are loosened up a bit, the top drafts easily and smoothly. I have a little over 8 ounces of this fiber, so I think I’ll make it into a true 3-ply yarn once it’s spun. I think the colors will look good all mixed up. 🙂