Back In The Groove

Originally published  Saturday, February 9, 2008

See the socks in the photo? They are the ones I currently have stored in the drawer of my computer desk. I normally work on socks (or other mindless knitting) while sitting at my computer reading news and opinion pieces on and But lately I have been in a knitting funk and I hadn’t touched those socks in quite a while.

Thursday night I decided to watch a movie on my iMac, which was a wonderful experience in and of itself. My own little wide-screen theater with stereo sound.

The movie was Miller’s Crossing, which the boy recommended and lent to me. He’s a big fan of the Coen brothers. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. It was a little violent, but what else would you expect from a movie about gangsters in the 1930s. But there was actually no explicit sex in the entire moving. Zip, zero, nada. There was plenty of implicit sex, but it was left to the imagination, something virtually unheard of nowadays.

Miller’s Crossing depends upon plot and character development and zippy dialog rather than gratuitous sex. Even the violence was integral to the story, and not gratuitous. Oh, and Gabriel Byrne isn’t so hard on the eyes, either. ☺

Anyway, while watching the movie, I found myself opening my desk drawer, taking out the sock-in-progress and <gasp> knitting. I was actually knitting, and enjoying it, too.

Since then, I have once again been working on the Spiral Eyelet Sock (Leslie Verts Creations) while reading and

The knitting funk is over and Pinkoknitter’s got her groove back!



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