The Continuing Saga

Originally published   Monday, August 10, 2009

Okay, so I’m flying along at a really fast clip on my Buckeye Arches sock #1 and I look at the picture I posted here yesterday and it just jumped out at me bigger than life. See it? Look at the zig-zags on the foot. See it now?

It’s bigger than life, eh? Apparently I skipped a round and didn’t even notice it. Until I looked at the picture, that is. How could I have missed it?

In case you missed it to, here is the same picture with the glaring error circled.

Yep. I missed a row. I had little choice but to rip back and reknit. So instead of finishing the sock last night, I’m back where I was before I found the mistake.

Such is the life of a knitter. ☺



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