Mother’s Day

Originally published  Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunday is Mother’s Day, so yesterday I walked to the Rite-Aid to buy a card to send to my mother. Buying a Mother’s Day card for my mother is difficult, even in the best of circumstance. She is not the sort of person one gets all teary-eyed and sappy over. She is a very headstrong, demanding, and, at times, difficult woman.

She has a lot of good qualities, but they often get lost in the not-so-good ones. So those sappy, you’re-the-best-mother-ever, you’re-my-best-friend sort of cards just aren’t appropriate. Why can’t the card publishers print cards with pretty pictures that just say:

I love you, Mother

Happy Mother’s Day

This year was even more difficult than usual because this will be my mother’s last Mother’s Day. She is terminally ill and in a nursing home. I certainly didn’t want to send a card that hopes all her dreams come true or that wishes her the kind of day she deserves. Believe me, although my mother can be demanding and difficult, she deserves way better than what she is going through right now. Her Mother’s Day will suck, no matter what.

When I was nine years old my mother taught me how to knit. I’m 56 now, and hardly a day passes when I don’t do at least some knitting. Now, that’s a gift my mother gave me that will last a lifetime. Thanks, Mother. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.



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