Woo-Hoo! FO Friday!

I actually have some knitting FOs to share today. All are knitted from my very own handspun. Here are pictures and descriptions.

Two hats knitted from the Andraste color way from Into The Whirled.

Two hats knitted from the Andraste color way from Into The Whirled.

On the left is the Andraste Turns A Square hat, which is Jared Flood’s Turn a Square pattern, a simple but fun beanie that I enjoy knitting. The pattern is written for using two colors of yarn, but it works really well with self-striping yarn, and you don’t end up with color jogs.

On the right is my A Head for Andraste hat, which is the Barley Hat from Tin Can Knits. It was a lot of fun to knit. I understand why it is such a popular pattern.

The hat and mitts below were knitted from yarn I spun using Bee Mice Elf fiber in the Fall 2014 Club colorway, which I call Rustle.


Rustling Leaves Slouchy Hat and Braided Cable Mitts were made to go together.

I didn’t use a pattern for the hat, and the pattern for the mitts is one of my own devising.

I had a lot of the “Rustle” yarn, about 8 ounces total, so I made this set of matching mitts and hat, too.

The mitts are the Braided Mitts by Tara Johnson (free download on Ravelry) which I modified for a better look and fit. I then “designed” the hat myself using the same cable as in the Braided Mitts pattern.

There are also two pairs of mitts knitted from Andraste, but I’m not quite ready to share those with you yet.

I have gotten a lot of pleasure out of Andraste and “Rustle.” First, I spun them up into beautiful yarn, then I knitted that yarn into lovely and useful articles of clothing. What comes next is the pleasure of wearing and/or gifting these handspun handknits.



Week Nineteen Begins

Yes, you read that right. It’s not a typo. Our 3-4 week kitchen remodel is now entering its 19th week. We do have countertops, and our sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwasher are all installed and functioning, but none of that work was done by our contractor. The only work he did was to level the stove when he was here for a very short time last Wednesday to check out a major problem that he will have to correct. Winter is on it’s way, and our new windows still aren’t caulked.

There is much work still to be done, but he doesn’t seem to have any sense of urgency. He’s very apologetic about taking so long to complete the work, but as bad as he claims to feel about it, he doesn’t feel bad enough to actually, um, you know, show up and do the freaking work.

Although he promised last week that he would come this week and get things finished up, I don’t expect him will show up anytime this week. Monday and Tuesday quickly became Wednesday, maybe, but probably not. Which translates to, I won’t be there at all this week. I’ve hear it all before and I know that his promises are empty and his assurances are meaningless. I have lost all hope.



The Fiber Stash Grows

The Wool Fairy stopped at my house today and left me this.

My October 2015 shipment from the Spunky Club arrived today.

Eight ounces of Romney wool. Squee! I’ve never spun Romney before.

Little Bluebird is an apt name for this colorway, don’t you think?

Orange and blue, some brown, and touches of red and white. Romney is a longwool, so it has a bit of luster.

And So It Goes, On And On, Ad Infinitum

So, the countertops are going to be installed tomorrow, YAY! But our contractor is not coming tomorrow and Friday as promised, although he does say he will come next week. (Where have I heard that before?)

This will make five straight weeks that he has done absolutely nothing on our kitchen. It’s possible somebody may have used the word lawyer at some point in the text exchanges today.

Although the countertops are going in tomorrow, the plumber won’t be here till Saturday, so we will probably be without water in the kitchen until Saturday, because I doubt that the countertop installer does plumbing.

Live and learn. 😾

Week Sixteen Has Come And Gone

And still there is no progress on the kitchen. For four straight weeks, our kitchen contractor has not shown his face, but that is supposed to change this week, which is–Yes! You guessed it!–week seventeen. The kitchen counters are scheduled to be installed this week, and that means we should finally have a functioning garbage disposal and a functioning dishwasher. Our contractor said he plans to do some other stuff too, but I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, other things have been happening in the way of home improvement. We had our peeling soffit and fascia replaced along with the leaky gutters and downspouts, and also the siding on the dormer. What an improvement! It was a big job that took six days to complete, and it wasn’t cheap, but the house looks so much better, and we shouldn’t have an ice rink this winter from leaking gutters and downspouts.

The paint was peeling from the soffit, fascia, and gutters.

The paint was peeling from the soffit, fascia, and gutters.

You cannot really see in the picture that the second floor was just as bad as the first, and the dormer was pretty bad, too.

You cannot really see in the picture that the second floor was just as bad as the first, and the dormer was pretty bad, too. The damaged section in the upper right corner is just from where the workers had started to remove the old soffit.

Image 2_2

It looks a lot better now with brand spanking new soffit, fascia, and gutters.

Image 11_2

Image 17_2

Image 7_2

The corner of the porch before the replacement

Image 8_2

The same corner after the replacement

Spinzilla 2015 Is Over

I can’t believe I did 4.25 miles’ worth of spinning and plying in just one week.

Spinzilla In Detail

Here’s the long version of my first two days of Spinzilla 2015. I hope to spin and ply at least a mile of yarn, and I’m off to a pretty good start.

My first project, which is lacking only the final finishing of the yarn, yielded 196 yards of 2-ply yarn, which is the equivalent of 588 yards of spinning and plying. (The singles would be twice the length of the plied yarn, so 196 + 2(196) = 588.) I started with a braid of Polypay roving from Yarn Hollow in a colorway called Third eye.

Polypay is a fiber I had never spun before. It’s a toothy wool that’s very springy, and I rather like it.

This fiber is a carded prep, so I spun it in a semi-woolen manner. I wanted to do long draw, but I couldn’t get the fiber to cooperate, probably because I don’t have a lot of experience doing long draw. I ended up doing a semi-long draw, which is kind of like short draw, only I let twist get into the drafting zone.

I was hoping for a fuzzy, thick and thin singles that would ply into a similarly fuzzy, thick and thin 2-ply, and that’s what I ended up with. I love it when that happens.

I wanted to get more of a woolen yarn instead of my usual worsted, and I was hoping for a thick and thin. I think I succeeded.

I love how the colors barber-poled in some parts and blended in other.

And these three braids of fiber are in various stages of spinning and plying.

The Savoy Truffle is very lovely. The colors are soft, and there are some white spots throughout the braid that soften the colors even more and give a slightly heathered look to the singles. I decided to do this as a fractal 2-ply. The spinning is done and the singles have rested and are now ready to be plied.

The bobbin on the right is the the half of the fiber I spun end to end. The one on the left is the one that was spun after splitting the second half of the yarn multiple times.

Squittles is a gorgeous colorway with bright, vibrant colors that seem to glow with their one light. The shimmer is due to the 15% tussah silk. Silk always adds a lovely sheen to any wool. I love the colors so much that I decided I had to spin this yarn end to end and chain ply it to preserve the colors.

I love the sheen in this fiber. If you look in the upper right of the picture, you can see the Polypay Third Eye singles on the bobbins before they were plied.

It will make a beautiful self-striping yarn.

The colors remain vibrant and the yarn retains its sheen even after chain plying.

Devil’s Daughter also have really vibrant colors that I wanted to preserve. So I split the braid in half vertically and plan to chain ply it make two 2-oz skeins of self-striping yarn for fingerless mitts. I have one half already spun.

Aren’t those colors totally kick-ass?

Now it’s time for me to get back to spinning.



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