Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 17 Rest Day 2

I spent the second rest day winding yarn off the bobbins onto the niddy noddy. I still have two bobbins of plied yarn yet to wind off, but they will have to wait for another day.

Four skeins so far

Into The Whirled Yipes! Stripes! Targhee 2-ply thick and thin

Into The Whirled Talisman Targhee fractal 2-ply

Into The Whirled Gilmore’s Glorious Goods BFL/Silk chain plied

Into The Whirled Herding Cats superwash Targhee chain plied

The yarn has not been washed yet, so I don’t know the yardage or grist yet, but I’m very happy with all of them.


Tour De Fleece Day 16 (Stage 15)

Today was a challenge day, and since I didn’t do any spinning yesterday because I sometimes do have a life, I challenged myself to spin a full 4 ounces of fiber today.

Here is a picture of success!

ITW Zephyr on Polwarth. This is a fractal spin done on my Flatiron in double drive. The singles are very thin and when plied together will make a fingering weight yarn, or maybe sport weight if the Polwarth poofs a lot when I wash the skein.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 11 (Stage 10)

I finished spinning up the ITW Yipes! Stripes! today.

The second bobbin is all done. I will ply it with the first bobbin to make a 2-ply. It will definitely be thick-and-thin because that’s the way I spun the singles.

I might ply it tomorrow. I have lots of plying to do, so I decided to do some plying after I finished Yipes!

This is Gilmore’s Glorious Good, another Into The Whirled color way, in the process of being chain plied in Irish tension on my Schacht Flatiron.