Post-TDF Spinning 

I will soon have some knitting to share with yinz, but until then, here’s some spinning for your viewing pleasure.

Spunky Eclectic Carpe Diem on Farmer’s Woolpool Sheepswool from the March 2017 Spunky Club. It’s a 2-ply that I spun on my Ashford Traveller and plied on my Schacht Ladybug.

Spunky Eclectic TACO on Polwarth from the November 2017 Spunky Club. This is another 2-ply that I spun on my Schacht Flatiron and plied on my Ladybug.

Last but not least is another Spunky fiber, from the June 2017 Spunky Club in the color way Cold Feet on Cheviot. Mmmmm. Cheviot. I am spinning it on the Flatiron and I hope to end up with a 2-ply sock yarn.

Tour De Fleece Day 16 (Stage 15)

Today was a challenge day, and since I didn’t do any spinning yesterday because I sometimes do have a life, I challenged myself to spin a full 4 ounces of fiber today.

Here is a picture of success!

ITW Zephyr on Polwarth. This is a fractal spin done on my Flatiron in double drive. The singles are very thin and when plied together will make a fingering weight yarn, or maybe sport weight if the Polwarth poofs a lot when I wash the skein.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 11 (Stage 10)

I finished spinning up the ITW Yipes! Stripes! today.

The second bobbin is all done. I will ply it with the first bobbin to make a 2-ply. It will definitely be thick-and-thin because that’s the way I spun the singles.

I might ply it tomorrow. I have lots of plying to do, so I decided to do some plying after I finished Yipes!

This is Gilmore’s Glorious Good, another Into The Whirled color way, in the process of being chain plied in Irish tension on my Schacht Flatiron.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 9

Lots of progress today. I managed to spin four ounces of Cheviot using supported long draw and most of four ounces of Targhee in my usual short forward draw.

Yipes! Stripes! at the top and two bobbins of North of the Wall below

Into The Whirled Targhee. If you are old enough to remember Fruit Stripe Gum, you will understand the name of this color way, Yipes! Stripes!

The second bobbin of long draw. The color is off. Long draw puts a lot of air between the fibers so the bobbins fill more quickly.

The first bobbin of long draw. The color is truer than the previous picture. This is also an ITW color way, North of the Wall.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 5

Well, another project that is going to take forever because I am spinning this yarn very thin, but that’s the way this fiber demands to be spun. Say I to my fiber, Your wish is my command.

Into The Whirled Herding Cats in Superwash Targhee on my Flatiron

I enjoyed spinning on my Matchless, but spinning on the Flatiron is heaven on Earth.