Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 5

Well, another project that is going to take forever because I am spinning this yarn very thin, but that’s the way this fiber demands to be spun. Say I to my fiber, Your wish is my command.

Into The Whirled Herding Cats in Superwash Targhee on my Flatiron

I enjoyed spinning on my Matchless, but spinning on the Flatiron is heaven on Earth.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 4

Well, it took me three days to spin up 4 ounces of Into the Whirled Gilmore’s Glorious Goods because it wanted to be spun very thin, but the 4 ounces of ITW Talisman (Targhee), demanded to be spun thick, and I obeyed. So I was able to spin it all in one day.

I was originally going to spin the Talisman for a 3-ply (chain-plied) fractal, but I changed my mind and decided to do a 2-ply fractal. I will ply the two bobbins together to make a subtle self-striping yarn, but the stripes will get progressively shorter from one end of the skein to the other because for the second bobbin, I divided the strip in half to make two strips, spun one of the strips, then divided the remaining strip in half, spun one half, divided the other strip in half, etc., until the strip was too thin to be divided.

Two bobbins of Talisman on the left, and my finally finished bobbin of Gilmore’s Glorious Goods on the right. The color isn’t very well-adjusted. The Talisman is shades of teal and shades of rust.

Tomorrow is another race day, and I think I will spin some more Targhee. But I think I will use my Flatiron instead of my Matchless.

So, I haven’t quite finished the bump of ITW Gilmore’s Glorious Goods yet, but I still have a couple of hours of spinning time before I go to beddy-bye, so I will finish up tonight and start Project #2. I have really been enjoying spinning on my Matchless.

The bobbin is nearly full.

I think my next project will be a 3-ply (chain plied) fractal. I haven’t done one of those for a while.

Tour De Fleece 2017 Day 1

On Friday, I prepared my fiber for the TdF, so today I was all ready to start spinning. My first project is a 75/25 Bluefaced Leicester/Tussah silk blend from Into The Whirled in a colorway called Gilmore’s Glorious Goods. I’m normally not all that wild about spinning BFL because most of the BFL I’ve spun tends to have a lot of nepps and second cuts, and the addition of silk makes it a challenge to draft. But this fiber is like butter. The nepps have been few and far between, there are no second cuts, and the wool and silk are so well blended that the fiber practically drafts itself.

I split the fiber into 8 strips and I’m spinning the strips end to end, keeping the colors in the same order. I plan to chain ply the singles to make a self-striping yarn with relatively short repeats.

The Matchless is at the start line and the fiber is prepared for the race.

I really thought this yarn would want to be spun more on the thick side because, well, that’s just what happens when I spin silk blends, especially when the silk is blended with BFL. But this fiber really wanted to be spun thin. When it’s plied, it will be fingering weight.

Day 1 progress

I’ll finish up spinning this fiber tomorrow, and I might even be able to give you a sneak peak of the second project I have planned.

Preparations Have Begun TdF 2017

Today was another gorgeous day in Pittsburgh. The past few days we have had sunshine, with highs in the upper 70s and low humidity. If summer weather was always like today, summer just might be my favorite season. But sadly, the norm is hot and humid. Yuck! So I am going to enjoy the pleasant weather while I can, and what better way to pass a beautiful day than to prepare my spinning wheels for the start of the Tour de Fleece 2017, which begins on Sunday.

I gave both my Schacht Matchless and my Schacht Ladybug a thorough cleaning. I don’t use anything fancy, just plain tap water with a couple of drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid added. I used a microfiber cloth soaked in the water and then wrung out so it’s just damp, not dripping wet, to wipe down the surfaces of the wheel, then dried it with a dry microfiber cloth. Remember, water is the sworn enemy of wood.

To get the treadles extra clean, I used a little piece of 0000 steel wool and some mineral spirits. This removes all the dirt, grease, and grim that accumulates on the treadles, including footprints if you spin in your bare feet. I always wear socks when I spin, but the treadles still get dirty. After wiping off the mineral spirits with a shop towel, I applied two coats of clear Danish oil to the treadles, following the directions on the can. I used shop towels to apply the Danish oil and also to wipe off the excess.

The next step was to check all the screws in both wheels to make sure everything is tight and secure. I only had one loose screw on the Matchless, which is probably indicative of how little I have used her since I got the Flatiron. The screws on the Ladybug were all ship-shape. All that is left to do is to cut and tie a new drive band for the Matchless, and I’ll be ready to go.

The Flatiron is currently in use, so she didn’t get the spa treatment today. She will probably have to wait until after the TdF to get a thorough cleaning. But she will be getting a new drive band before the race begins.

I’m pretty excited about the TdF this year. If it goes well, who knows? I might give Spinzilla another go come October.

The Matchless after a thorough cleaning, waiting for a coat of Danish oil to soak in

A close up of the left treadle after the second coat of Danish oil had been wiped off. It looks so nice!

The Matchless striking a post after her spa treatment

Now it’s the Ladybug’s turn.

These treadles also got a thorough cleaning with mineral spirits and two coats of Danish oil.

You can see how much the maple wood has darkened on my Ladybug’s MOA (mother of all). The lighter spot is where the front maiden sits on the MOA and protects it from the light.

I went through a lot of nitrile gloves today.

Schacht sisters are all cleaned up and ready to race.

The Tour De Fleece Is Here Again!

It started on Saturday with the start of the Tour de France. It’s the Tour de Fleece 2016! This year I plan to spin as many different varieties of sheep wool from my stash as I can in 24 days.

Yes, this is all fiber from my stash, and every single bit is either Spunky Eclectic or Into The Whirled. And, yes, this represents less than half of what is in my fiber stash. No, I’m neither embarrassed nor ashamed. My fiber stash is nowhere near S.A.B.L.E.

These are all fibers from Into The Whirled. Starting at the bottom left, we have superwash Merino and Cheviot, and in the back, left to right, we have Falkland, Targhee, and English Shetland.

From Spunky Eclectic, there is Romney, BFL, Corriedale, Wensleydale, Manx Laoghton, and Icelandic.

That’s eleven 4-ounce bumps of wool. It’s unlikely that I can spin all of that in the 12 days of the Tour de France/Fleece, but I plan to spin and ply as much of it as I can.

In the first two days, I’ve gotten a lot of spinning done.

These singles were spun on Day 1 from Spunky Eclectic Wensleydale in Island Dreams, and I will be plying them together to make a lace weight yarn. Doesn’t Wensleydale have a lovely luster? It has a nice halo, too, but you cannot see it very well in this picture.

In addition to the Wensleydale on the left–can you see the lovely halo?–I also spun part of a bump of English Shetland from ITW in a colorway called Studio West spun up. That’s a lot of spinning for Day 1.

On Day 2, I finished spinning the English Shetland from ITW. I did a fractal spin, so when I ply the two singles together, I will get a 2-ply yarn with a subtle striping effect.

On Day 2 I also started spinning a bump of Romney from Spunky Eclectic. The colorway is Little Bluebird. For this yarn, I decided to divide the bump into 8 strips and spin two bobbins of 4 strips each. I will then ply the singles together to make a 2-ply yarn.

That’s the English Shetland on the left, the Romney on the right. So far all of my spinning has been done on my Schacht Matchless in double drive. I will be doing the plying on my Schacht Ladybug in Scotch tension.

The Tour de Fleece 2016 is moving along smoothly here in beautiful Brookline, Pittsburgh. I have enjoyed each fiber so far. I will keep yinz updated, but probably not daily because I’d rather spin than blog. Peace out!