Happy Dance!

Originally published  Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes, that tappity-tap you hear is me doing the Happy Dance. My Foothill Road Aran sweater is done and drying on the rack as I type. You know what this means, don’t you? It means that I can start a new project!

So what is next in my queue? The King Harald hat from Anne Feitelson’s The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, of course. I finally have all the yarn, Jamieson and Smith’s jumper weight. I bought some of it from Schoolhouse Press and some of it from Woodland Woolworks. One of the colors is discontinued, but I was lucky to find it still available from Schoolhouse Press and, although I need only one ball for the hat, I purchased five balls, simply because I could. ☺Well, not really. I purchased five balls because there is a Fair Isle sweater I want to make, and this color is used in it.

What’s that, dear reader? You want to see a picture of the King Harald hat and the yarn I’m using? Well, your wish is my command.

There are three different colorways in the book, all of them lovely, but this is the one that really sang to me.

I don’t know when I will cast on King Harald—maybe tonight—but I also have three WIP that are demanding my attention. One is my poison green Kinsale that has been staring at me morosely the entire time I have been working on Foothill Road Aran. I had made a lot of progress on it up until I cast it aside for FRA, at which time Kinsale became more of a UFO than a WIP. When I start working on it again, it will probably give me fits in retaliation for my neglect. A sweater scorned and all that. LOL

When I cast on FRA for the KAL, I had already started correcting the mistake I made in the welt of Kinsale. I hadn’t knit enough rows. It is a pretty easy fix, and I’ll post pictures here when the fix is completed. But I don’t know whether there is any fix for the chartreuse color. LOL I might have to try overdyeing the sweater once it’s completed. Do you think it is possible that by the time the sweater is finished I will have fallen in love with chartreuse?

So what other WIP are demanding my attention? Well, for starters, my Dale of Norway Gjende is still patiently waiting for me to cut the armholes. And my Orkney Pi shawl is still waiting for a knitted-on edging, or maybe I’ll wimp out and just cast off. I guess these, too, are more UFOs than WIP, but I am determined to finish them before I start any new big projects, the operative word being “big.” A Fair Isle hat is a small project, one that can be completed in only a few days, so I can start King Harald totally free of guilt. ☺

Be on the look-out for progress reports. And, yes, I have ordered yarn for another big project. I’ll let you know when it arrives, and I will reveal all then. ☺



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