Penguins Galore Hat

Click the link to download the pattern: Penguins Galore Hat revised February 1, 2012


35 thoughts on “Penguins Galore Hat

  1. That is utterley adorable. Would it be poossible to adapt to DK yarn? I am trying to ‘stash bust’ and have tons of DK.

    Also, I knot for fund-raising for my grandson’s school – would you be OK with me using the pattern for this?


    • Thank you, Alison. If you need help adapting the pattern to DK yarn, please feel free to contact me. Just use the contact form on my blog, or just reply to the e-mail message I sent you.

  2. Would you be able to send me a pattern incorporating the Boston Bruins Logo? I would like to make this hat for 2 little boys for Christmas. Their ages are 7 and 5. Thank you. If you would like me to pay for this please let me know the cost.

      • I doubt that Pat Aubut will see this question.

        I’d like to add that even if I had designed a hat with the Bruins logo (or Pens logo, etc) on it, I wouldn’t be able to either sell the pattern or give it away because it wouldn’t be officially licensed by the NHL.

        If you want a Boston Bruins hat pattern, you could either find a chart of a bear and substitute the bear chart for the penguin chart in my hat pattern (this may take some tweaking due to differences in stitch count) or you can chart the Bruins logo for yourself. There are free charting apps available on the Internet. Google is your friend. 🙂

  3. Now who doesn’t need a hat with penguins??

    I’m afraid I just may have to knit a pile of these as gifts for my friends, all of us in our early 60’s. There isn’t enough whimsy in the universe.

  4. This is an awesome hat! I take it it’s sized for a child? I’m not the most experienced knitter and I’m not sure my guesses at adapting the pattern would be correct. Would I just have to add a penguin? Or would it be best to add a couple of extra stitches between each penguin? Also, this may seem a silly question, but is there a difference between the colour chart and the alternate colour chart? Final question, the pattern says to do two rows black, three gold, and two black after the ribbing. Then the colour chart has you do another two rows of black before starting with the penguins. Those two rows are not included in the finished hat. Is that an error? If I did all the rows of black would that help make this an adult sized hat? Thank you so much!

    • This hat is sized for an adult. The difference between the two charts is the black line at the eye-level of the penguins. I left it out originally. The two rows of black on the chart are the same two rows that I give in the written directions. That’s another error I’ll have to correct. 🙂

  5. This hat is so adorable. My 3-year-old great-niece loves penguins. I would love to knit one for her. Is there a pattern for a child’s version or do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance. Kim

  6. I think this nice hat with penguins is refined and good taste…it meets children’s preference and adults as well, it looks simple but very well conceived like every small masterpiece…Micaela

  7. Go Pens!! I always get excited when I find Pens knitting patterns! And I know you’re not an OU fan, but I am, so I am double excited to find a Pens pattern AND an OU pattern on the same site!! Thanks for being awesome!

    • I love the penguins pattern because it is perfect for anyone who loves penguins and perfect also for anyone who loves the Pittsburgh Penguins (or WBS Penguins). Congratulations to OU on their big bowl win. I was actually cheering for them. Out loud, even. Go Big 12! 🙂

  8. As both a fan of penguins and the Pens, I’m so excited to make this hat for a couple of my Pens fan friends! I haven’t done much colorwork before, so this is probably a dumb question, but what kind of colorwork did you use on this? Fair Isle? Intarsia? Thanks so much!

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  10. I’m heading to the Falklands in March and have booked a tour to see the Penguins. I’m starting my penguins galore hat tonight! 😊

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