Starting The New Year

I ended 2017 with a blog post in which I found fault in a couple of YouTube knitting videos. My tone was a bit snarky and a little tongue in cheek, and I was chastised in the comments by a total stranger for not being kind and generous to all my fellow knitters and for expecting free videos on YouTube to be a good source of information on knitting. (They are for the most part. I have found YouTube videos to be immensely helpful.) Never mind the irony of a  knitter finding fault with a fellow knitter in a not very kind way for not being patient and kind to other knitters. I guess my critic is as lacking in kindness and patience for the shortcomings and ignorance of other knitters as I am. All I can say is that my critic apparently hasn’t spent much time on the Ravelry forums or on the Yahoo knitting groups of the past. If she had, she wouldn’t have such delusions of grandeur in regard to knitters as a community. Oh, yes, we can be very kind and generous, even to muggles, but we can also be critical, snarky, acerbic, even mean. But I don’t want to belabor the point, so I will move on to other things.

Xmas 2017 brought me some excellent gifts. Here is a sampling:

A hand-thrown yarn bowl from my DIL’s mother and aunt who are definitely kind and generous


The bowl is signed and dated.


So many pretty colors. And, yes, I have used it already, and it is fabulous. I have wanted a yarn bowl for a long time.


The givers of the yarn bowl also gave me this fantastic little knitting book. It’s the perfect size to stash away in a project bag.


It wouldn’t be Xmas without an assortment of Pittsburgh Penguins paraphernalia. These are from the DH, and my fave among the lot are the Fleury #29 away sweater earrings. I’ll for sure wear these when Marc-Andre makes his return to Pittsburgh next month.


I’m not difficult to shop for. My DS gave me some favorites from Trader Joe’s.


And Xmas just wouldn’t be the same without a book from my DIL. She hasn’t missed yet. Every book she has given me has been amazing, and I know this one will be, too.


I have knitting and spinning to share, and maybe even some musings on my late-life surprise–curly hair. I hope yinz are staying warm. It’s only 12ºF here in beautiful Brookline, Pittsburgh, PA.


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