The Itch

Yes, I’m getting “the itch,” that feeling virtually all knitters get that they just HAVE to start a new project. I’m doing my best to resist scratching that itch, but I don’t know how long I can hold out.

I’ve been working on The Spider Queen for a while now, although it’s been maybe a week since I have knitted a single stitch on her. I am determined to finish the regal arachnid before I cast on any new projects. And it really shouldn’t be very long before she’s done. After all, college football starts Saturday. (Well, actually, it starts tonight.) And that means that on Saturday, there will be college football noon to midnight, and that means knitting noon to midnight. 🙂

Fortunately, socks do not count as new projects, so I can cast on as many socks as I like. I’ve been working a little on my Show-Off Stranded Socks and I’m nearly finished with the gusset increases of sock number one. I have to admit that I really don’t understand the “Stranded” in the name of this sock pattern. There’s no stranded knitting whatsoever in the entire sock. But that’s neither here nor there. The pattern is fun to knit and I think it shows off my Cherry Tree Hill Supersock to the max.

Show-Off Stranded Sock #1 in CTH Supersock in Birches colorway

I hope to finished these socks in less time than it took me to complete the Brown Garter Rib socks.

As much as I am enjoying the socks,  what I’m really jonesing to knit is a sweater. One might think that I would satisfy my craving for a sweater-knitting project by resuming work on the Dale of Norway St. Moritz that has been waiting patiently for my attention for many months. But you’d be so very, very wrong. If only!  Believe it or not, there are visions of a raglan-sleeve cardigan dancing in my head. Really? A raglan cardigan?!?!?!?!? Yes, a plain, stocking stitch raglan-sleeve cardigan. In red. Yikes! If I ignore the voices in my head, maybe they will go away. 🙂



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