Playing Around

Last year, I purchased two 4-ounce braids of Malabrigo Nube Merino roving in the Archangel colorway, with the intention of playing around with it. I took one braid, spun it end to end, the first half on one bobbin, the second half on another bobbin, then plied the two singles together. The other braid I spun end to end on one bobbin, then I chain plied the singles.

I present, for you viewing pleasure, the results, with minimal commentary. I’ll let the fiber speak for itself. 🙂

Two braids of Malabrigo Nube in Archangel

Two braids of Malabrigo Nube in Archangel, as soft as it looks.


One braid spun end to end, ready to ply


What are the chances that the singles would be so evenly divided between the two bobbins?


The bobbin on the top is the chain-plied braid.


The chain-plied skein beside the 2-ply on the bobbin


Chain-plied on the left; 2-ply on the right


A close up of the two skeins


The 2-ply after setting the twist


The chain-plied skein after setting the twist



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