TdF Day #3

I decided to try spinning a new-to-me fiber today, alpaca. The fiber I have, from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, is a 70/30 blend of Suri alpaca and Merino wool. It’s pencil roving,

8 ounces of alpaca/Merino pencil roving

8 ounces of alpaca/Merino pencil roving

and very easy to draft. The fiber contains a small amount of VM (vegetable matter), which is normal in fiber that has not been heavily processed. I just pick it out when I come to it. I thought alpaca might be challenging to spin, but so far this fiber has been a delight.

Pretty on the bobbin

Pretty on the bobbin

I am using the new high-speed pulley I bought for my Schacht Ladybug from The Woolery. The singles I’m spinning are very thin, and I will end up with a lace-weight 2-ply. I also want to spin a little bit of the alpaca on a spindle, just to see what it’s like.

I also did some plying today. I used the Lendrum for the plying, and it was my first time using the Lendrum tensioned lazy kate. I really enjoyed the plying. It went more smoothly than any plying I have ever done, and I think that is mostly due to the Lendrum kate. Unlike the tension on my Ladybug on-board kate, the tension on the Lendrum kate can be adjusted. I was able to set it so that the bobbins spun freely without any backspin, and that made the plying smooth and easy. The singles were spun from a Loop Bullseye bump that is Corriedale with a little angelina for sparkle. I spun the singles on the Lendrum, and they are a little thick and thin. But overall I am very pleased with how the yarn turned out.

Some sparkly 2-ply

Some sparkly 2-ply

Finally, I spun up the third bobbin of the Sunset Fibers BFL that is destined to become a 2 x 2 cable yarn.

The bobbin was only about half done when I took the picture.

The bobbin was only about half done when I took the picture.

It was a very productive day.


11 thoughts on “TdF Day #3

      • Okay, I pulled a dirty trick without meaning too. I posted a reply, then decided a few minutes later to change it, not realizing you had replied to it, so now your reply is just sort of hanging there. So I’ll go back to my original reply. I am really curious to see what happens when you start spinning your mystery fleece. 🙂

  1. This is great! I love the colours. 😀 NIce to hear that your new wheel is working so well! I’ve spun on a Ladybug once – it’s wonderful. 😀

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