What’s In Your Sock Drawer?

I open my sock drawer the other day.


Yikes! I’m almost out of socks!

Oh, no! It’s almost empty!

But the laundry basket is full.


The capacity of the laundry basket is one-and-a-half bushels.

Here’s what 1.5 bushels of dirty hand knit socks look like dumped on the floor.


I don’t know why I dumped the socks from the laundry basket onto the floor.

Time to load them into the washing machine…


I like to wait till I have a full load before I wash my socks.

and start the wash cycle.


Yes, my washing machine had a wool cycle. It’s from New Zealand. 🙂

When the spin cycle is complete, it’s off to my high-tech sock drying apparatus.


I could not have fit one more sock on the rack.

The socks are all dry now and back at home in my sock drawer.


The drawer is filled to the brim.

In case you are curious, this is how high the stack of socks in the lower right of the drawer is.


There are seven pairs in this stack.

So, what’s in your sock drawer? I hope it’s not store-bought socks. 😦


8 thoughts on “What’s In Your Sock Drawer?

    • I’ve been knitting socks for a long time–at least 16 years–and I have given away as many pairs as I have kept. I haven’t been doing as much sock knitting recently as I normally do, but I nearly always have 2 or 3 socks OTN.

    • It’s taken quite a few years to accumulate all those socks. The oldest pair is 16+ years old–the very first pair I made using sock yarn (Socka) back when it came only in solid colors. I add a new pair or two every year, but for the most part, all the socks I knit now either go to other homes or are for my husband. It’s nice to have sock-worthy people in my life.

  1. I wish my sock drawer looks like yours! That is my dream, to have one like that sometime. For now, my poor feet often get covered with store bought socks when they are cold. My kids have more hand knit socks then I do! LOL

  2. Time to step it up at my house. I was distracted by too much knitting for gifts and loved ones. My year of selfish knitting began 4-1-14 with the self-imposed monthly sock club.

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