Another Finished Object Friday

I still have no knitting to report. I’ve added a few rows to each of the socks I have OTN, but nothing substantial. However, the spinning keeps, um, spinning along.

I started with this lovely Corriedale top from Into The Whirled in a colorway called Mud Bogs & Moonshine…

and ended with 8 ounces and just under 1000 yards of this lovely fingering weight 2-ply.

I spun one bump end to end on one bobbin. The second bump was split vertically (lengthwise) 12 times and spun the strips end to end keeping the colors in the same sequence. Then I plied the two singles together to make this gorgeous fractal 2-ply. I’m thinking scarf, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. The spinning was done in double drive on my Matchless at a ratio of 15.5:1; the plying was done in flyer lead (Scotch tension) at a ratio of 12.5:1. My Ravelry project page is here.

And there’s more! I also completed this braid of Shetland wool from the Spunky Eclectic Club Remix.

The colorway is State Park. it reminds me of a meadow in Spring, with all the flowers in bloom.

I made a 3-ply DK weight yarn, about 240 yards and 4 ounces.

I stripped the braid vertically into thirds as evenly as I could, then spun the strips end to end on separate bobbins. I was hoping that the colors would line up in at least some places, and they did! I love how the colors blended. This yarn will probably become either a hat or some fingerless mitts.

This was the very first project I spun on my Matchless. I used double drive and a ratio of 15.5:1. The plying was done on my Ladybug in flyer lead using a ratio of 12.5:1.

My current spinning project has been a pretty slow go because I am spinning up 8 ounces of BFL from Spunky Eclectic to make a lace weight 2-ply yarn.

This is the nicest BFL I have ever spun.

The ratio I’m using is 19.5:1, and spinning such thin yarn really takes a lot of time. But I am enjoying it a lot, and I don’t feel guilty about binge-watching Boardwalk Empire because I’m spinning while I watch.

This is the first bump/bobbin, which I finished several days ago. The second bobbin is now nearly finished.

I hope yinz have a great weekend. It’s supposed to get hot again here, but we are ready. Our A/C, which went on the fritz a couple of weeks ago, has been replaced, so hot and humid doesn’t scare me any more. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Another Finished Object Friday

  1. Being a knitter and not a spinner, I am often surprised by the before-and-after shots. I would never have guessed from the State Park braid how much I would love the colors in the spun yarn.

    Mind you, I call myself “lacking skein vision” for the number of times a yarn I loved doesn’t knit up to something I like as much, so I guess it’s no surprise that I can’t predict this stage, either.

    • You have a Matchless!! I’m so green right now, I could pass for celery! Alas, I don’t have the space for one just yet anyway. But, I’m sure it spins like a dream! The handspan certainly looks like it does!

      • Yes, Stacey, I finally got my Matchless. I’ve had it for a week-and-a-half, and it is everything I dreamed it would be. Totally worth the wait. I’m probably going to re-home my Lendrum. I rarely use it any more, and it deserves to be in a home where it is not only loved but also used.

    • I’m always surprised at how my yarn turns out, unless I chain-ply it (and even then I can be surprised). With State Park, I was afraid that doing a 3-ply would either muddy the colors or mute them a lot, so I was very pleased that neither of those things happened. It’s still a crap shoot for me, but I have finally reached a point with fiber that I will experiment without worrying that I am going to ruin it because, you know what? I can always get more fiber. 🙂

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